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Save The Family Church Ministries Inc.
Feeding The Family

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    • Feeding The Family Food Pantry

      Recorded Families Served

      Save The Family Church Ministries, Inc. is moving forward in serving those that are in need within the community, with the new 'Feeding The Family Food Pantry'. The following is a table of the number of families served monthly since February 2015 :

      Families Served By Feeding The Family

       Year Families Were Served Number of Families Served Number of Individuals Served
       May- Dec 2015  1,441 3,535
       Jan - Dec 2016  1,219 2,918


       Feeding The Family Volunteer Hours

      Year Of Volunteer Services  Numbers Of Volunteer Hours  
      2015 621 hrs 28 min
      2016 772 hrs 29min


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      Feeding The Family Food Pantry
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      Feeding The Family Food Pantry is opened every Friday from 2pm until 5pm. For food appointments throughout the week and for more information, please call 919-583-8932.
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